League of Women Voters of Tallmadge

PO Box 435
Tallmadge, Ohio  44278


Modified on 8-13-17

Leadership Team Officers

Convener - Helen Fire
League Liaison - Nancy Treichler
Finance Coordinator - Barbara Mattern
Record Keeper - Leslie Zaynor

Elected Associate Leadership Team Members

Connie Dages
Tammy Hardgrove-Shomo

Appointed Associate Leadership Team Members

Peggy Manson
Sue Yatsu


Publicity Coordinator - Carmen Thompson
Membership Chair- Kim Ray
Social Media - Tammy Hardgrove-Shomo
MLD - Kim Ray and Tammy Hardgrove-Shomo
The League of Women Voters as a nonpartisan
political organization, encourages the informed and
active participation of citizens in government, works
to increase understanding of major public policy
issues, and influences public policy through
education and advocacy.
The League of Women Voters affirms its belief in, and
commitment to, diversity and pluralism.  There will be no
barriers to participation in any activity of the LWVT on the
The League of Women Voters of Tallmadge (LWVT) basis
of political affiliation, gender, race, creed, age, sexual
orientation, national origin or disability.  The LWVT affirms
its commitment to reflecting the diversity of Tallmadge on
its board and in its programs.
A history of the League of Women Voters of
Tallmadge was written by Nancy Treichler,
a founding member and past president of LWVT.
Read here
The League of Women Voters
advocates on behalf of positions, not
candidates, only after careful study and
consensus. Most of our positions have
been held for decades are not a result
of current political trends.
Our Principles
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State Positions                 National Positions              
Leadership Team